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Forex Megadroid Review

The forex Megadroid is a forex robot that has gained prominence in the foreign currency trading community. Forex Megadroid, as a forex robot, is a program you download that does your trading for you. It trades only the EUR/USD currency pair.

Expert Advisor, or EA, is another name for forex robots, so you may hear the Megadroid spoken of in that category as well.

Forex Megadroid was designed by forex veterans John Grace and Albert Perrie who boast a combined 38 years of experience trading forex and who have both worked in various different capacities in the forex industry over that time.

This product is definitely worth a look from any trader who's searching for an automated forex trading program that really works.

The Details

Forex Megadroid claims to be the most successful robot available, boasting a 564% percent increase in profits over the last 9 years. The creators claim it is close to 96% accurate and that with it you will quadruple your investments. 

We can verify that these numbers are not unrealistic provided that you implement aggressive settings for the Megadroid. However, if you use narrower stop loss limits, you should not expect these outsized gains.

Nevertheless, the technology behind the Forex Megadroid is considerable and with a money back guarantee there is nothing to lose giving this robot a try.

John and Albert explain that all other robots calculate their trade based on past data but that the Megadroid is actually successful at predicting the market 2-4 hours into the future with almost 96% accuracy. The Forex Robot uses a patented software system called reverse correlated time and price analysis, or RCPTA.

At this time, the Megadroid is one of the three most popular robots on the market in terms of profitability and satisfaction.

The Pros

Whenever you evaluate a forex robot, it's smart to make a list of the pros and cons so that you can make an informed purchase, rather than just falling for a pretty story.

These are the pros we've found using the Forex Megadroid:
1. Easy to download and install. Much easier than other EAs.
2. Low cost of $97.00.
3. Free demo account.
3. Patient and waits to strike when the right trade presents itself.
4. Operates with a fixed stop loss.
5. Trades with ideal risk/reward ratio of 3:1.
6. Handles market volatility well and adapts well to new trends.
7. Has a special ID setting to prevent brokers from detecting its presence.

The Cons

No product is everything to everyone and that includes Forex Megadroid. Here are some potential drawbacks of using this particular EA:

1. It only trades EUR/USD. (This could actually be taken as a pro or a con.)

3. It is designed to function on the FXDD 00:00 – 10:00 server timeframe which and most brokers raise the spreads during this time. This is countered by the aforementioned ID that cloaks the device from broker detection. However, it is necessary to change the setting on a weekly basis to keep this feature functioning at an optimum level.

4. It is only operated when your computer is on, so if you don't want to have your computer on all the time, you have to purchase a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service that hosts the Megadroid for you.

5. Although we have not experienced this, some users have complained about the program not closing their 4x trade in time and others have reported errors and mysterious disconnections, possibly due however to the user's own poor internet connections.

6. Customer service could and should be improved. Some users have reported a three day turn around on support emails. That is not acceptable, even for a low priced robot.

Megadroid Worth a Try and Comes With a Money Back Guarantee

Overall, you can see that we are fairly impressed with the technology and performance of the Forex Megadroid, even though the product is not perfect.

One thing that is undeniably great about the Megadroid is that you can try it for free with a money back guarantee. This is a major selling point in our opinion because it gives the skeptical forex trader a no risk opportunity to try something new.

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