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Forex Automoney vs. Forex Ambush

Forex Automoney and Forex Ambush are two Forex robots that have gained some traction in the FX trading community.

Therefore, let’s pit them against each other real quick:

Forex Automoney Review

Forex Automoney is a signal providing service. It is not an official forex robot. It is a membership club that provides you with trading recommendations but does not trade for you. Professionals analyze the market with software and make recommendations to you.

Automoney is has been available to a select few traders for seven years and has just been released to the public market recently.

Because it does not do the actual Forex trading for you, you have the control.

Automoney trades all currency pairs.

It provides free Forex online news.

It allows you to trade on intra-daily, daily and weekly basis. It also allows you to do any combination thereof or all three at the same time if you are so inclined.

Automoney is a not a get rich quick scheme. It is a service that with proper and regular use will usually provide steady, albeit not extravagant, profit.

The company itself will tell you that its accuracy falls around the 70% range; the fact that they don’t claim a higher percentage should be taken as the sign of honesty that it is.

One semi-publicized expert on Forex Automoney estimates the accuracy to be around 94% for the EUR/USD currency pair, but we haven’t vouched for that number.

Some users of this Forex Automoney complain about poor customer support.

Also, several users have complained about issues with the refresh button. If you use the browser refresh button it will give you old data; this can be irritating. You must use the refresh button frequently on the program itself so as to avoid this problem.

Forex Automoney is available for a three day trial at a cost of $4.95, but you have to cancel within 24 hours of the three days running out, so you really only get two days.

It costs $99 per month with an eight-week money back guarantee.

Forex Ambush Review

Do you remember that old adage, “If something is too good to be true, then it probably is”? Forex Ambush claims to offer 100% accuracy. That alone is a red flag.

Ambush claims to offer 160 percent returns monthly and 2,000 percent annually.

Ambush is an artificial intelligence engine designed by 31 elite traders; the program sends you signals, or trading advice, by email. You may attach this advice by technical means to your FX trading account so that your trading becomes automated.

Ambush is designed to close your position automatically with a trailing stop loss or stop profit. The strategy is to book profits and then get out—which is a pretty solid strategy.

If you like to watch the trading signals on line you can leave the signal page open and you will be alerted to a new signal with a sound.

Most reviews of this product are positive and satisfied and we do agree that Forex Ambush has generated some very solid picks over the past years. Forex Ambush is kind of like one of those athletes that claims he’s the best athlete of all time and isn’t, but is still pretty darn good at what he does.

Forex Ambush is a forex robot to consider if you’re in the market for a signal service that allows you to fully automate the FX trading process.

Forex Automoney vs. Forex Ambush vs. Your Own Choices

Both Forex Automoney and Forex Ambush are a way for you trade with little effort or understanding through the use of someone else’s data.

To be quite honest, this approach goes against the most important and fundamental rules of achieving success in the forex markets. Delegating complete control to another group of persons or even a well-developed software program is no substitute for being an FX professional.

If we have to choose between Forex Automoney and Forex Ambush, we’re going to give Forex Automoney our first $99 but we’re not going to rule out Forex Ambush, neither.

But the main thing that we wouldn’t rule out is you developing your own trading strategy and making your own trading decisions, especially at first.

You must be patient. You must practice. You must gain understanding. You must develop your own philosophy through patience, practice and prudence. 

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, either.

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