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Forex Currency Pro is a best-of-class provider of forex trading information for the active and educated forex trader, as well as the relative beginner. Making a 4x trade involves risk, and it's best that a user is well-informed before trading. We aim to be this informative resource.

For the novice, it's been said that there is no better resource to learn forex than forex currency pro. We help you get a good base of knowledge before getting started with your free forex practice account, then we can help you choose a good forex broker through our expert forex broker reviews.

Once you've become an active trader, we have the resources you need to be successful. We've got forex charts, and tips from the experts (plus, information on where to find the best tips). We've also got information and reviews on the most popular forex robots - which ones work and which are no good - find out here. Keep up to date with forex news from top sites like fx360, read about the most profitable forex trading systems, and find the latest currency exchange rates on the foreign exchange market - do it all here on

Important Forex Information

The most important step in currency trading is finding the right broker; our forex experts can help. See our
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While it is true that the bigger your position, the more you can benefit from utilizing the carry trade forex strategy, smaller investors can beneit, too. Read about the carry trade.  arrow

Forex traders must always be concerned about price and momentum, as well as how those two factors are interacting with each other. Learn about price vs. momentum.  arrow