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Ease of Use: StarStarStarStar

eToroUSA distinguishes itself by employing a download-dependent trading platform, rather than a purely Web-based interface like the majority of other Forex sites offer. Downloaded applications in general, and eToroUSA is no exception, are typically more graphics-intensive and "rich" than their Web-based counterparts. And in truth Forex trading with eToro is simple, fun, and visually compelling. However, if you're using a slow computer, one more download may push you over the edge into crash city.

Reputation/Security: StarStarStarStarStar

If you are a "Buy American" fan, eToroUSA is a great choice for your Forex trading needs. Based out of New Jersey and recognized for excellence by legitimate business magazines such as Inc., eToro USA owner "FX Solutions, LLC" is a growing company intent on maintaining a stainless reputation. One nice thing about eToroUSA's privacy policy is their automatic commitment to not share customer data with third-party companies; some other sites make you "opt-out" if you don't want your name to end up on those pesky mailing lists.
Customer Service: StarStarStarStar

eToroUSA deals with customers respectfully at all times and that is one reason why this site has gained a loyal following with both beginning Forex traders and more experienced Forex traders. Whether submitting a question or problem via email or directly calling the toll-free phone number, eToroUSA knows that it's in the service business. No live chat feature is currently available, but eToroUSA has of late begun adding some interesting social aspects to help customers help each other. Watch out for more of that Facebook-style stuff in the future.

Bonuses Paid: Star

eToroUSA seems to not even realize that some sort of bonus structure is an important part of gaining new customers. This is a shame, and puzzling to behold from a company that is otherwise so attuned to the desires of beginning Forex traders. Other Forex sites may hope that eToroUSA continues to be ignorant of the power of bonuses, but we for one hope that they wake up soon, because other aspects of the eToroUSA experience are outstanding.

Ease of Account Deposit/Withdrawals: StarStarStar

This is another area where eToroUSA could use some upgrading. Deposits are taken via credit card or PayPal, and very easy to make. But what if you prefer Net Teller or MoneyBookers? You're out of luck. Withdrawals are also fast and easy, but only available via bank transfer. This may present a difficulty for Forex traders who use banks outside the U.S.

Summary: StarStarStarStar

eToroUSA has much to be proud of in its new downloaded Forex trading platform, which provides a terrifically visual experience to the Forex newbie and the Forex pro alike. If you like your Forex trading dry, boring, and confusing, do not sign up at eToro. If you like your Forex trading fun, interactive, and easy to use, sign up today. Don't expect a bonus for signing up, however. The eToro forex deposit and withdrawal processes could be improved as well, and are currently excessively U.S.-centric, while Forex trading is the epitome of a global activity.


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